Bask bliss

For years I had the plan to make a cookbook. Not to have it published, but just for the family. In it our families' favourite dishes. I will have it print as a standard photo book. Last week I made a small start by gathering the first recipes that came to mind. Here you see a very new favourite that will make it into the book. I don't know from which magazine it came, but these aubergine fries won't be forgotten. Aubergine already was my preferred vegetable and this dish just confirms that. I even found time to make an illustrated version of the recipe. When you like, I can e-mail you a printable of this illustrated recipe (in Dutch). Just send me an e-mail.

For Robin and Pepijn

For every occasion that comes across, I try to whip up something new. Different presents, other cards. But sometimes it is hard to get inspired. So here you see two storybook buntings, ready to be send in a handmade envelop with a handmade label. All done before, but turned out pretty nice this time.

Start of season

It seems like J has a very nice hockey team this year. She already knew some girls, but most of them were all new. To get to know each other they had a teambuildings high tea yesterday afternoon. Every girl had to bring some food. We made classic Madeleines de Commercy (replaced absent lemon by mandarin) and very easy Mini Pecan cakes (the smaller version in financiers mold).


One day I decided that I wouldn't buy flowers for myself, for our house anymore. With a back yard, a vegetable garden and a very green neighbourhood there are more than enough flowers or other greens available through the year. And in winter crafty flowers are always a possibility. After a slow start, because of the many snails, both our gardens are now filled with dahlia's. And for the first time (the third attempt) my pink dahlia's blossomed! Four varieties of pink. Love dahlia's, in the garden or nonchalantly put in a vase. I ordered most of my dahlia's here.

Bird nets

Talking about mindfulness, crochet is one of the other activities I like to engage in when I need some rest in my head. These days I like to crochet while listening to audiobooks. Complicated topics are even fun when they're read to you. I now know more about Spinoza, Huijgens and Darwin without any effort. And I just downloaded Jane Eyre, which I haven't 'read' since I was sixteen. Open source books can be found on Librivox or the 'Luisterbieb' app. While listening I crocheted nets for holding peanuts for the birds. But I think they're actually far to stylish for that purpose. They look more like pretty present pouches to me.

String organizers

I hope you've had a good weekend. Ours was pretty quiet. Only J's saturday was filled with sailing. She passed the exam for her first certificate! In the meantime I found some time to organise part of my embroidery yarn stock. And why use plain cards when it's just as easy to make these cute cats. Mine look more like owls though, but that's ok too. To me, stringing the card cats is a very mindful activity. Organising thoughts in the same time.

Warm hands

The summer seemed to revive this last week. But when we take the bike in the mornings for a trip to school, it can be pretty chilly already. At least that's the opinion of our youngest. It won't take long before she will be complaining about the cold. And why we can't go by car. No need for that though (unless it's raining), because mom is one step ahead. On Ingthings I found these crochet fingerless mittens and made a pair for each daughter. Easy, quick and beautiful.

Going forward

A befriended family in our neighbourhood is going to move. They're realising their dream of building an ecologic house. We don't like to see them go, but wish them all good in their new home. As a going away present I made a drawing for them. They'll get the original, but I scanned it and experimented with some different backgrounds. The illustration course gave such a flow. Can't stop drawing.

Inexplicable preferences

New school year, new school bag for our little one. Group 5 and finally in the same building as her sister. For this bag I used the buttercup pattern and enlarged it to fit a water bottle, the snack box and her lunch box. The denim bag is lined with an african print. Specially for the girl that is already talking about travelling to Africa since she is three (no idea where that came from). She has to wait a while (say till she's at least 18 :-D) for that to happen, but a bit of her African dream is in the bag already.


After the wonderful week of me-time, it's back to normal again. Last week I was spraying guerrilla-art (don't worry it's chalk paint) on the walls and streets like a youngster. This after designing and printing the mold with a laser cutter (at the fablab). Now it's back to work, back and forth to the kids' school and start up my taxi service taking our girls to field hockey (teu, wed, thu, fri and sat!) and violin lessons. How could I think I was busy when I used to be a student?