For the boys

Soon we will be staying at our friends place in Oslo. For their boys I have sewn pencil cases. The vintage screen printed fabric (thanks Y!) is so good for this project, don't you think? We added some dip pens to complete the old fashioned picture.

Stitched with love

Sometimes you promise something to someone and it just doesn't happen. This pouch (as bag-in-bag, for toiletries or as pencil case) is made to fulfill such a promise. Promised over a year ago. I'll add some things to make it a true present and then it will be mailed. Finally. Feeling less guilty already.

Little red riding hood

And here's my daughters felt doll. She turned out really cute don't you think? She used the same basic doll pattern and then let her own imagination do the rest of the work. J is already working on her next project.

The wind is back

It's getting chillier. And I kind of like it. After a long and warm summer I'm ready for some coziness inside. Warm cups of tea, candle light and crafting on the couch. Actually that couch hardly ever feels my butt, because I'm always doing something and prefer high chairs and a table. But you get the idea. J. and spent some quality time while making felt dolls. Hers still needs some work but in the meantime I'll show you my pixy. I used this tutorial for the basic doll and was inspired by these gnomes. For the hazel-collecting-net I used this tutorial again.

Fun and future

Our eldest was invited to join the Kids Climate Conference after writing a motivation letter. A whole weekend in a cottage and the rest of the family could come along. Yay. The kids were asked for their ideas of solutions for environmental problems. Princess Laurentien (Missing Chapter Foundation) lead an inspiration discussion between the kids and CEO's of some large companies. Their ideas will be collected in a book and send to leading authorities and schools. But not only serious business. Also herding sheep, blowing glass, flying in a balloon and more of that stuff. What a wonderful idea to let children think about adult problems. Good for them, good for the world. We had a great weekend.

Sweetest poison

This is something I wanted to try for a while. Honey comb. Heat sugar and honey and add baking soda, then it starts to foam. Let it cool down and you have a crispy sweet snack. And although I really enjoyed the taste, this candy isn't going to be prepared again here. The kids and my husband didn't like it, while the fluctuating sugar levels in my blood gave me a fierce headache the same evening. Wouldn't be wise. Pity.

Spider season

Spiders everywhere. In the house (I'm not a good cleaner) and outside. Let's try to make the best of it. The picture of the spider is an old one, because all our spiders were hiding. The girls had been chasing them to see to which species they belonged. I found the spider chart on the site of Vroege Vogels. It was a good way to get the daughters over their moderate fear of spiders. A fun after school activity.

Where does the time go?

A whole morning, I could have spend doing something useful, I crocheted away making these toadstools. At least it resulted in two happy girls (their bikes look a lot cuter now). That's worth something. The toadstools are pretty easy to crochet. I decorated them with wool felt and embroidery.

Home town

The year 2016 will be a special one in Den Bosch. It is then 500 years ago that painter Jeroen Bosch has died. This will be celebrated with a large exhibition of his work. Many activities are leading up to that grande finale. Last weekend we went to see 'the world of Jeroen Bosch'. A festival reviving the time of this great painter. The girls didn't want to go at first, but I persuaded them by telling that there would be birds of prey. Gave me the chance to finally have a peak into the Hieronymus Bosch art center. All his work in high quality replica's. Unfortunately there are no originals left in the city where Bosch has been born and lived all his life (most of them are in Spain). We'll have to wait till 2016.

Bask bliss

For years I had the plan to make a cookbook. Not to have it published, but just for the family. In it our families' favourite dishes. I will have it print as a standard photo book. Last week I made a small start by gathering the first recipes that came to mind. Here you see a very new favourite that will make it into the book. I don't know from which magazine it came, but these aubergine fries won't be forgotten. Aubergine already was my preferred vegetable and this dish just confirms that. I even found time to make an illustrated version of the recipe. When you like, I can e-mail you a printable of this illustrated recipe (in Dutch). Just send me an e-mail.