Pretty proud

We're only 3 months and about 10 lessons further and you'd be amazed what she can play on her cello already. Last saturday J had her first performance, with teacher, on an open day at the school of music. The girl knows how to peek. She played the pieces better than I'd ever heard at home. It is strange that I never really enjoyed playing the flute in my youth, but seeing my girls play their instruments makes me extremely happy! Maybe I just played the wrong instrument...

Something else

My husband and my brother went to France last weekend, to do maintenance on our parents house over there. They took my husbands car and left my brothers Defender over here. We, the girls, got to drive in it. And we had fun. For once we had the biggest car in the field hockey car park, between all the nouveau riche vehicles. Something different than driving around in my beloved Twingo. In return for the fun, I whipped up a leather key fob for his car keys. My first successfully attached snap!

Magnolia moment

Someone told me that you can make vinegar from magnolia flowers. Just in time, because in a few days the magnolia in our neighbourhood will start dropping it's petals. I dissolved a bit of sugar in white wine vinegar, like we do for our raspberry vinegar, and poured it over a jar full of magnolia petals. I think, the small amount of sugar will deepen the natural taste and smell of the flowers. We'll have to wait a few weeks, to taste whether that is true.


Actually this leather is too flexibel for the project. But it's just a trial. I really love the idea of the basic wallet. No sewing, just simple cutting and folding. Next time I'll have to find some sturdier pieces of leather in the shop to make a serious copy of this wallet.


Our youngest recently got a new bed. A bunk bed. Her old bed went to cousin R, but with a new mattress. N's old mattress was one in three pieces. We're going to use those parts for a new lounge corner in our living. Because the small table there is becoming too small for our girls. And the almost adolescents need a place to hang around, reading a book, gaming or listen music. The first cushion is upholstered with quilted Ikea fabric. I feared sewing the corners, but found a tutorial that said 'also for beginners'. Finally I had the nerve to start and it worked out fine. More cushions to come.

For a night in town

It is a hurdle to take, to start using a fresh pile of leather. I started out with this card wallet for my husband. I bought a beautiful leather scrap of brown leather for this specific project. Long due, because I promised to make one when I made a wallet for myself. For this new one I used another tutorial. Made some small changes in pocket sizes though.

Dino dinner

Cousin R's birthday gave me an excuse to finally buy some porcelain pens. As you can guess the little guy, he turned 3, loves dinosaurs. What he doesn't like are greens. He says no to all green food. I hope these plates will trick him into trying. On the question 'who eats the vegetables on the plate first, dino or R?' he answered R. So there's hope. My inspiration came from these funny plates.

Recycled project

And because we had a lot of jelly beans left from the fish favours, I whipped up some geo candy boxes for another round of hand outs. For N's field hockey team. I had to look up my own tutorial to see how they should be made again. And we used one of these containers to take them to the club. Recycling to the max.


For the one boy invited, I made another attempt to sew a money cuff. I guess, I gave up too early before. Because this one actually came out pretty neat. I used fabric from another birthday printing session.

Mermaid pouches

Instead of the wrist wallet we made a small make-up pouch (something like this one, but with rounded corners) for each girl. Not as original, but useful. N selected the fabric colours and zippers. In it some candy. Frogs, fishes and a shark, all fitting the water theme. It was a great party. N loves to be the center of attention and enjoyed every minute. We were so lucky with the weather. Warm enough to have lunch and play outside. In between they had an indoor swim.