Can't stop drawing these days. So here are more decorated easter eggs. Some went back to the family that gave us the goose eggs. Others are hanging in a hazel branch over our dinner table. I used golden wraps of small chocolate eggs to add golden details on the egg with the chickens. The kids also started drawing eggs this way. I'll show you when they've finished their pieces of art.

Birthday baking

To my regret I didn't take many pictures on N's birthday party. I was just in time to catch these last pieces of cake. The lime-mascarpone cheesecake on the right is already a classic over here. But the one on the left is a new one for me. It's Norways national cake, of which I found the recipe over here. My piece didn't completely look like the one in the featured pictures, but it's a cake worth baking again, over and over. Our guests loved it.


We all know how to fold the paper cup/envelope you see on the left. But did you know that you can make these super cute pouches with it? I didn't. So simple, so nice. Just close it in the other direction, like this tutorial shows. We used fairytale book pages and put two chocolate eggs in each pouch. The girls will spread almost 40 of these pockets in the neighbourhood on easter sunday morning. For the lucky finder. Maybe you could fold some too!

Still getting used to the image

Ever since her sister got her ears pierced for her eight birthday, it was in N's agenda too. Last thursday was the day. She was a bit nervous, but without any hesitation she let the jeweller do her job. She keeps admiring herself in the mirror ever since. We also gave her a re-vamped thrifted jewellery box for her earrings. And of course her first set of real earrings.

(Not so) little girls dream

It was a very busy weekend. Our youngest had her birthday and that needed some celebration. It already started on friday, in school, handing out favours. And in the afternoon she had her children's party. She loved to go horse riding with her friends. First the kids brought the horse into the stables and brushed and saddled it. Then they all walked, trotted and galloped on the horse. The boys and girls even stood on the horse and trotted without hands. A handle on the soft saddle made these stunts possible. A lot of excitement and a successful party, judging by their comments!

Black & white

I had very little (read 'no') time, but was very eager to decorate these easter eggs. I got the beautiful large goose eggs from Neeltjes friend. I blew the eggs out, which was not easy. And for the drawings I only used black permanent markers. It started with the idea of an easter bunny and the decoration grew by adding more and more details. I was surprised by the result.

Fresh flowers

Spring came early this year. For me that means daily fresh picked flowers from the girls. No matter how often I ask them not to empty the borders in the neighbourhood! But who can resists these flower elves?

Bedroom bunting

Cousin Ruben has a very big room for such a young boy. To fill it up a bit I made him a straw and pompom garland. Handmade pompoms, store bought pompoms, felt beads and some straws together made a good garland. We hope he (or better, his parents) like(s) it. Inspired by this one.


Our little one has made the wonderful drawings above. On the computer we turned them into an invitation. Because next weekend she will be turning eight. It's not difficult to guess what the theme of her birthday party will be.

Happy accidents

I love it when something goes 'wrong' in a creative process. It challenges your creativity. This time I had a large piece of (thrifted) white fabric that I wanted to dye for making easter/birthday bunnies. I prepared the mixture in a bucket that would later appear rather small for the amount of fabric. It couldn't move around. As a result I got an uneven coloured sheet, with a wonderful ombre effect. The bunnies came out beautiful. More beautiful than when they would have been all the same mandarin color, I think. I used the tutorial I wrote for Knippie last year. The template you'll find here. For a change I have added a seam and turned the bunnies instead of the visible seam.